Profitable and Easy Fundraising Solutions for Schools, School Groups, Athletic Clubs and More! We Offer Great Products With Great Profits While Enabling Your Group to NOT Have to Overcharge Your Supporters.

Bigger Profits

Profitable Fundraising
We offer products at a great discount which enables your organization to run reasonable fundraisers!

Great Products

Fundraising Products
The products we offer are not just great because they are from companies that are interested in helping organzations succeed. They are known for their high quality!

More Efficient

Efficient Fundraising
We have digitized many of the fundraising processes and created an efficient web-based system that makes operating them much easier!


Compass Fundraising is the solution to the fundraising problems many youth and athletic clubs face. Developed by experienced volunteer parents, Compass Fundraising has created a fusion of resources that help clubs run efficient and profitable fundraisers. Whether it be a club chartered within a school, managed by a school or operating independently from a school, almost every club is fundraising to maintain its existence. The historic problem is that most fundraising opportunities have been very non-profitable and very laborious to organize. We're changing that!

That's where we come in! We have pulled our technological capabilities with product manufacturers who appreciate how our country benefits from youth activities.

Compass Fundraising Benefits:





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